New Modern – Essentially Eclectic

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New Modern – Essentially Eclectic

easydesignsI love how decorating has evolved in the 21st century.  Popular furniture has the sleek lines of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Less is often more.  But what is different about today’s decorating trends?  It’s the often playful but environmentally conscience mix of the old with the new. It’s mixing East with West, it’s methodically mismatching.  In short, it’s modern eclectic.

In my opinion, redecorating does NOT mean getting rid of everything!  If you are updating a space and want to create a more modern style but still want to keep some of your favorite pieces, feel free.  The basic tenets of decorating will still apply – scale, proportion and balance.  Start by selecting updated furniture (dining room table, sofa or sectional) – be sure the scale will work with the pieces you want to keep in the room.  Don’t be afraid to experiment – most stores today allow returns without question.  Adding reclaimed or salvaged furniture is a great way to go green and update the look of your space.

 Color is often the common denominator that pulls an eclectic space together.  I generally recommend neutral colors and add 2 or 3 brighter colors that pull the room together.  For example, if you are using mismatched dining room chairs, paint them all the same color or cover the chairs with the same fabric. 

Pulling off the modern eclectic look is really all about reflecting your own style and confidence. Use decorating basics, mix it up with some fun choices and you will create a new space that is uniquely you!