How to Stage a Dining Table

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How to Stage a Dining Table

If you are selling your home and looking for some staging tips, here is one on staging a dining table.  Because you are not setting the table for a meal, you can have some fun creating an appealing look whether your style is minimalist or traditional. 

 If simplicity is the look you are seeking, try a minimalist approach.  A simple centerpiece – think large glass vase with blooming dogwood branches or a row of small simple vases with one flower in each are great examples.  This style works well with a home that has a modern vibe.  

Try another look by using unique centerpieces using accents you might not consider for the dining table.  Large finials and candleholders are an example of a unique centerpiece, especially when complimented with moss orbs and small pebbles.  Remember, no one is sitting down to dinner so the table can have more “stuff” than you would use when dining.  

Here are a few other tips for the table.  Add interest, texture and color by sprinkling glass stones, small pebbles or dry beans throughout the centerpiece.  You can also sprinkle these accents around the dinner plate.

Burlap is a great fabric to add texture.  Use it for placemats, roll it and tie with brown twine for a napkin.   You can also wrap books in burlap and tie them together with twine and use as part of your centerpiece. 

Whatever your choice, remember we are creating an attractive space that sparks the buyers’ imagination.