Windows to your World!

Posted by on Jan 8, 2011 in Interior Design | 0 comments


Selecting window treatments can be challenging today – do you use shades, shutters, curtains or draperies -Perhaps a combination?  Would you like custom treatments or ready-made treatments? The options today are endless, which make choosing all the more difficult.  After painting a room, window treatments are one of the most affordable design changes to make a room unique and inviting.  

Consider some of these tips when selecting window treatments.  Compare the style of your window & room with the treatment you are considering.  For example don’t use a formal brocade drape in a country style room.  Pay attention to how your window functions – is it a casement window, sliding or French door?  Certain window treatments could interfere with the operation of the window or door.  Finally think about balance and harmony in the room.  You should try to balance the relationship of the furnishings and style of the room with the treatment and make sure you coordinate all the elements (color, patterns, style) of the room as well.