Top Real Estate Staging Tips

Posted by on Feb 11, 2011 in Real Estate Staging | 0 comments

Thinking of placing your home on the market?  Are you concerned that your home may not sell quickly?   Staging your home may not guarantee a sale but it will put you in the best possible position to sell your home quickly and at today’s top dollar.

When staging a home you’ll want to neutralize or “de-personalize” it.  This will attract a broad range of prospective buyers.  The key is to create a space that the buyer can imagine living in.

The #1 staging step that creates the best return for your investment of time or money  is

De-cluttering and cleaning your home.  Over the years we accumulate a lot of “stuff” in our homes  – and that “stuff” must be discarded or packed away and out the door when you’re selling your home.  A cluttered home will create the sense that it is too small to accommodate the buyer.

The 2nd best staging return is furniture , lighting and wall art placement.  A professional stager can showcase your home so that it appeals to that large pool of buyers.  They can create a feeling of spaciousness and correct traffic flow – in essence prepare your home for sale quickly and for best  market value!