Rooms Always Wear White Well!

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Rooms Always Wear White Well!

Rooms Always Wear White Well                          

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and it’s time to pull our whites out of the closet
for another summer season!  Isn’t it great that white never goes out of season in a home?  Easy, breezy white looks great in our home anytime.  Who doesn’t love its crisp clean look?

Here are some great ways to feature white in your home.  My favorite, add crown molding to any room and paint it high gloss white.  It will make the most subtle wall colors pop and draw the eye upward giving the sense of height to the room.   Finished cabinetry, mantels, shelving all look fabulous in white too – the neat finished look ofwhite creates a focal point in the space.

Another favorite is white linen drapes – what a summery feeling – windows open, a breeze blowing – it takes you right to the shore and that wonderful ocean air!

We can’t forget about the classic white kitchen?  Today’s white kitchens have so much interest!  The huge number of choices in cabinets, countertops and backsplashes allow even a stark white kitchen to have a variety of textures creating character and interest.

So, go ahead – add white to your home and feel like its summer all year ‘round!