Going Green with Interior Design

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in Interior Design | 0 comments

  Going green in Interior Design is not a new concept but many people are not sure exactly what it means. Anything that will help support the health of our environment is green so in interior design that means many different choices – buying antiques or gently used furniture, purchasing consumer friendly paints limiting VOC content, using building materials made from recycled  materials or “up-cycling old furniture” – which is the subject of today’s post.  Up-cycling  furniture is salvaging pieces that others may think are no longer usable.  A chair that  is missing an arm or has a broken leg and the upholstery was well worn can be re-created into a beautiful piece.  Artisans can repair to the leg and arm and add new,  beautiful  fabric and voila! A gorgeous chair – purchased for a song!  What a wonderful way to “go green”!